Carlops Church has undertaken several major projects in the last ten years.  This page provides information about some of these.

Church refurbishment, 2008-09

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Carlops kitchen and classroom, 2012-16

In 2012, Carlops’ interest was sparked by a message from the charity Mary’s Meals that £6.50 (£9 in 2016, thanks to inflation!) could feed a child in school in Malawi for a whole year, provided that the school had a safely designed kitchen.  

A community-wide group set about exploring how Carlops could support this endeavour and challenged the community to raise £7,000 to allow Mary’s Meals to build one more school kitchen.  The project was super-successful: within six months, the people of Carlops had donated £12,000, so it was decided to aim for two kitchens and then to transfer any further project income to the feeding programme.  In 2016, this project fund stands at £22,000 and is still increasing.

One of the schools which received a “Carlops kitchen” saw such an increase in enrolment that pupil numbers outstripped classroom accommodation, so Carlops raised more money to build a new classroom during 2015 and 2016.

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Living in Carlops, 2014-15

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Carlops patio-garden project, 2014-date (report of 29 August 2017)

In 2014, the Kirk Session of Carlops Church and Carlops Village Centre Management Committee agreed to undertake a joint project to re-landscape the ground between the church and the village centre (“the hall”), to integrate the two spaces into a single, visually pleasing whole, to improve access (especially for the disabled) and generally, to enable more, and more varied use to be made of the space.

After extensive, community-wide consultation, a design was chosen that met the sponsoring bodies’ objectives and was pleasing to the people of Carlops.  Detailed drawings were prepared, the necessary engineering investigations undertaken and costings obtained.  Planning permission was obtained in summer 2016.

Funds were sought by applying for grants from several bodies and by appealing for donations to the Carlops community.  The necessary funds having been secured, the Project Steering Group is currently (August 2017) seeking a contractor to build the patio-garden and expects to appoint in autumn 2017.  It is hoped that the project will be completed and the patio-garden made available to Carlops people during 2018.  

Photographs of the site at present and drawings of the design to be implemented may be viewed here.