Church refurbishment

We refurbished our church comprehensively in 2008-09: new heating and lighting; new decorative window; restoration of the organ; new furnishings and decoration.  It was a major effort; it was great fun (especially with hindsight!); and it has brought us closer together as a congregation and a community.

Realising that refurbishment was necessary

We were familiar with our church and loved it, ... more

Visiting other churches and getting inspiration

Our first step, and it proved to be inspired, ... more

Designing the project

The Kirk Session appointed Rosalind Taylor, ... more

Engaging the community

In addition to modernising the church, ... more

Raising the money

We put considerable thought and effort ... more

Getting the work done

We handed over the building to contractors ... more

Re-opening and celebrating

We re-opened the refurbished church ... more

The church since refurbishment

We believe we have kept our promise ... more

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